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4th International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - "Transforming healthcare through innovations in mobile and wireless technologies"

November 3–5, 2014 | Athens, Greece

Keynote Lecture: Philips' focal areas and specific project examples on Patient Care in a professional healthcare environment

Challenges in Patient Care in a professional healthcare environment are numerous. Increasing financial pressures in the healthcare system, decreasing staff-patient ratios, and a growing number of patients in the developing world that will need to have access to care are some examples of the opportunities for innovation we address at Philips Research. In this presentation several of Philips' focal areas and specific project examples will be discussed to illustrate how these challenges can be addressed.

Keynote Speaker: Richard Kemkers, Philips Research Eindhoven (Department leader of "Patient Care Solutions")


Richard, a Dutch citizen, started his career at Philips Healthcare and has worked there in various positions for the Imaging Systems Business. While initially working in the Netherlands for the interventional X-ray unit focusing on developing clinical applications and building a network with academic hospitals, he later moved on to the U.S. to the Ultrasound business in both R&D and Business Development roles. Currently he is leading the Department "Patient Care Solutions" in Philips Research.