MobiHealth 2024 is going to take place at University of Patras, Rion, Greece.

Hotel and Travel Info

Conference Dates: 23.09.2024 – 25.09.2024

Location: University of Patras, Rion

Venue: University Conference Center (

Travel Info

Patra has no airport so you should fly to Athens International Airport.

From the airport, you have two ways to travel to Patra:

• Take Bus X93 just outside the arrival hall and get off at the end of schedule, at  Kifissos Central Bus Station. You can issue a ticket at the nearby kiosk. At  Kifissos Station you can issue a Bus ticket to Patra from the ticket area (look for a position with a PATRA sign). There are two types of schedule: EXPRESS schedule, which takes 2.5 hours, and REGULAR schedule, which takes 3 hours. Any of those will get you to the Patra’s Bus Station, near the City Center. Those who have booked a room in Tzaki hotel can take a regular schedule (NOT an Express) and ask the driver to get off at Bozaitika Stop. You need then 5 minutes walk to get to Tzaki hotel. From the Bus Station you can take a taxi to your hotel, if it is away from City Center.

• You go to the train station at the airport and get the PROASTIAKOS (SUBURBAN) train. You issue a ticket for the whole trip to Patras, but you have to make two changes. The first is at the next station after airport (Kato Acharnai). You have then 3 minutes to change train, which reaches as far as  AIGIO. There you have to get on a bus waiting for passengers going to Patra.  The bus will take you to the Patras Train Station, near the City Center (and  very close to the Bus Station). From the Train Station you can take a taxi to  your hotel, if it is away from City Center.

Hotel Info

University nearby hotels are:

Kastello ( and Kalliroe ( You can go to the University on foot.

However, others prefer the city center or near the beach.

For city center, we recommend:  Galaxy Hotel (, for near beach, we recommend:  Tzaki Hotel ( or Achaia Beach Hotel (


If you have any questions or you need some help about anything please do not hesitate to contact the Local Chair: Dimitra Makrynioti